Half cut vision searches aimlessly for an unknown hope.

Clenched fists’ clutch could render dust from brick.

Smother struggle like deep under water.

Lose grip like sand through an unclasped hand:

Each grain, a memory which painfully sticks in our clothes and does not wash out.

Abrasive on our delicate and vulnerable skin.

The suffocating coat weighed down in the ocean of tears.

Words cannot escape my cantaloupe throat.

Feeling like a giant shishkabob

Skewered on the rotation of the earth.

Damage wished into existence but never leaves the mind.

Holes left agape in one’s brain.

–Force shut down–


Why carry your baggage young augur?

Your coat of precious fleece and common cotton?

Is it not clear yet, that you cannot move?

Slide your arms (first) out with ease, and let your shoulders deep release. 


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