Here are some questions mostly about quantum physics which I have a hard time figuring out, despite my research. I’m not professional, but I know basics. Please answer if you have any insights. 

1. If gravity is a result from the curvature of spacetime, what does the Higgs have to do with anything? It’s not really a graviton, it’s just causing vacuum friction somehow. So does it stick to spacetime, or to itself, or what? 

2. How are string theories even remotely testable? How are the existence of multiple universes testable? How are other dimensions testable? 

3. How do they measure particle spin (angular velocity)? 

4. How does the materialistic view of the brain explain experience? 

5. If subatomic particles pop in and out of existence, why do large objects maintain existence? 

6. Why can’t we see particles being affected by gravity? 

7. What is the size at which objects stop exerting quantum behavior? 

8. Why does energy have so many forms of energy carriers? 

9. What are the merits of copenhagen interpretation, versus hidden variable interpretations, versus interpretations which maintain classical physics and complete determinism, versus others? 

10. How will it ever be possible to have measuring without changing the measurement? 

11. What are the differences between the WIMPs? 

12. What are the theories what dark energy is? Basically all I’ve heard is the ‘chameleon particle’. 



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