I need help. I’m wondering what order I should read my new books. It’s amazing how quickly a wonderful pile develops, and I waste time just staring at the covers wondering which to start reading. I need to come up with an arbitrary order. I figure I’ll do one from each group in descending order. If you like my list, feel free to suggest new reading.

Group 1. Theology

Velvet Elvis

Metaphorical Theology

Models of God

Group 2. Science

The Natural History of Whales and Dolphins

The Complete World of Human Evolution

Religion Explained

Psychology of Religion

Planet Ape

The Origin of Species

The Holographic Universe

Artificial Life


Group 3. Scientific Method

The Art of Scientific Investigation

Naturalistic Inquiry

Reading Empirical Research Studies




2 responses »

  1. Jessica says:

    i say group 1 group 3 and then group 2 but mostly because i want to be able to read velvet elvis and you keep stealing it…

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