Interesting. Google also has an upcoming competitor to Siri, called Google Now. All I want is the chrome OS to freakin come out. Probably China will invade by then.

Geeks Inc.

Today article’s topic is SIRI Alternative For Windows . SIRI, as you all know is the latest Apple’s application which has gained quite popularity in the recent times. It is a personal (virtual) assistant that acts as a knowledge navigator, and provides information regarding voice queries made by the user and perform various functions. There have been many applications for Windows like the one included in Windows i.e. Voice Recognition but none of them can compete with SIRI in any feature. So, we can say, since long, there has been no application for Windows users that can provide Siri like functionality.

Mitini – SIRI Alternative For Windows

So, for the purpose, a new SIRI alternative for Windows was introduced i.e.Mitini. The application Mitini acting as SIRI alternative to Windows is a portable, Siri-like application for Windows users. This third-party application uses Microsoft’s speech engine to recognize your voice and to reply to your queries…

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