Woe I cry, for you I have failed.
My duty was to hold the line. With all my being I struggled to hold.
In vain I kept my place. For one day the stresses began
to pull and push and tug, then slip!
My muscles gave in. My metal tested: bent and bungled
I can never grasp again my footing. Jostled loose.
Always reaching
I will sit in the pit of my disgrace forever
staring at my mistake.
The WORLD is broken… and when a certain day comes
I will be tossed in the scrap, to face the warm crucible’s embrace.

The passerby, I caught his eye.
My naked shambles: plain to see.
Brought me shame.
The wretched gables split in two.
Pronouncing with a smile my crime.
A crack through my head, from my hip to my heart.
I am the epicenter: the fault.
He traced the line,
light fingers stroked
the arrow of my guilt displayed.
Gently he rests on my head
stripped from hard forces on either side.
And stays on my self without judgement.
Tears obscure his concentrated gaze
on a point he must not avert his attention.
Ceiling ward he’s drawn.
Inner state is ripped in two
the body is up and bent, askew.
My heartache personified.
Echoing thoughts of mine.


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