In addition to the variety of weird encyclopedias I bought a couple days ago (which are very cool), I bought a collection of Lewis Carroll.  As a kid I very much enjoyed the Disney cartoon. But I stumbled upon Alice in Wonderland at a garage sale and read it twice before the day was over (I NEVER read that fast!). Then I saw the movie adaptation Alice, with Whoopie Goldberg as the Cheshire Cat, Martin Short as the mad hatter, Christopher Lloyd as the Knight, Gene Wilder as the Turtle, and more all stars in the cast. It is by far the best by-the-book production.

Then there was the Alice Syfy miniseries (in addition to the Tin Man series). There was the old 70s production of Alice which I found in my school’s library. There’s Tim Burton’s new adaptation. And then there’s Phoebe in Wonderland (which you should watch if you enjoy psychology at all). I love all the creative adaptations done with Alice, but the classics are where it’s at. Now I have Through the Looking Glass, and four more of his books, and I am super excited to start reading. You can expect to see blog discussion later on his works.


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