Ever tried to drown an ant or a spider, and they just wouldn’t die? Ever put them in a glass without an oxygen opening, and they lived for months? Ever wonder why the heck a roach can survive an atom bomb? What makes these arthropods so hard to kill??? There are a few reasons…

The reason that arthropods are so good at not drowning, besides the fact that many of them have gills, is that they have an open circulatory system. Basically, if any part of their body is above water, they can still breathe. Their hearts don’t really push blood around efficiently, it’s more meant to slosh around.

The other creepy thing one has to think about, is that for the size and mass of any given arthropod. The majority of what you see is non-living internal liquid. Most arthropods have an incredibly small amount of living tissue within. Because there’s so little living matter inside of an exoskeleton, it doesn’t have to have very much oxygen or very much food. This makes them great survivors.

A cockroach has a very slow growth process, which is probably it’s secret to surviving massive doses of radiation. It molts slower than most bugs, and cell division goes slower, making the cells less susceptible to fatal mutation.

There are all kinds of amazing things that arthropods can do. Spider silk is stronger than steel. Ants can carry 50 times their body weight, and hold it upside down. All this stuff is amazing, so why do we hate them so much?



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