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On a side note, I was reading about cryptozoology, and two of the most interesting cases I’ve come across are the Orang-pendek, and the Tazmanian Tiger.

The Orang-pendek is an apparently very rare ape, that lives in the dense jungles of South America. Bearing many similarities to Orangutans, witnesses say it is markedly different. Many reputed professionals have staked their career on it, and that makes it very likely to me. This is a region which still has multiple species of large game being discovered every 5 or 6 years. A theory for why photos haven’t been taken, is that it stays off of trails to avoid tiger ambushes. However, people in the nearby towns, for the most part don’t believe in it. They think that witnesses were crazy or drunk. Witness reports are rare, but they all describe a small, buff, red ape that walks upright. The stature and strength of the animal is required for breaking and twisting cane and bamboo, which scientists believe is its main diet.

The Tazmanian Tiger is the second animal I give a “highly likely” to. This weird creature was over-hunted in the 1930s and is thought to be extinct. But this photo was caught in an isolated area of northern Australia, where nobody lives, and few adventure.

Here a video of the last tigers, recompiled by a museum. 



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