Never leave anything out to dry.
Oregonians don’t trust weathermen.
Sales tax defeats the purpose of a dollar tree.
Unemployment is like a cold: it comes and goes.
People from California can’t drive.
Umbrellas are for golfers, pansies, and people from California.
Potholes are made to spill your coffee.
Oregonians don’t tan, we rust.
“Pumping gas? How do you do that?”
dling is not just a job, it’s an art form.

I-5 is Oregon’s jugular artery.
In Oregon, the seasons are: 

wet, wetter, icy, and overcast.

People tell us it’s true: we have no accent!
Flip flops are not summer wear, they are a fashion statement.
Summer: July 21st to July 23rd.
Oregonians laugh at the people who drown in a teaspoon.
The only place for squeaky cheese is Tillamook.
In Oregon, people with glasses need windshield wipers.
“What desert?” The other side of Oregon. Where nobody lives.
Our casinoes are all culture centers.
We’re in the process of going green, and come to the think of it, we’re green already.
If you pronounce it OR-ih-GAWN,  you might get shot.
Logging: Oregon’s “traditional” field of expertise.
Ice cream in 40 degree weather, THAT’S HOT
If it’s called tourist season, why can’t we shoot them?
In Oregon, if people lived in trees it would solve the housing problem.
Oregon has an ongoing civil war. It’s called football.
Why fly to Amsterdam when you can get the commodities in Portland.

To the people from the east coast, we’re the state between Washington and California. Yes we exist!!!


2 responses »

  1. As a fellow Oregonian I agree

  2. Gunta says:

    Lovin’ it…..

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