This morning in the Microbiology lecture, the professor talked about all the various forms of meningitis. Meningitis has the highest rate of incidents here in Oregon, making the information quite relevant. This can be a fatal disease, and it is important to know the symptoms.

There are three meninges: the pia mater, dura mater, and arachnoid membrane. These are tissues which line the inside of our skulls providing a variety of functions. It is not surprising then, that an infection of the meninges can be deadly. The main way the infection kills is by squeezing the brain (increase in pressure), while depriving it of vital sugars. The infection can be bacterial or viral. If it is bacterial, there can be deadly toxins released. Knowing the symptoms is crucial.

If tiny blood splotches appear on the chest and arms, accompanied by a slight headache, or general unwell feeling, it is possibly a dangerous brain infection. The person needs to get into an ER quickly. Severe forms can kill within 24 hours.


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