Had to do a free-write a few days ago in class, combining the terms freedom and responsibility. I went a cliche route, but everyone was flabbergasted by my quick wit and writing skill. Enjoy.

The little boy sat on the couch, fidgeting restlessly while attentively watching his favorite show. Soon commercials were flowing past him, and he remained, gawking at the flashing screen.

Suddenly, the smell of chocolate and baked dough tickled his nose. Silently, he crept into the kitchen. The oven was glowing red, like a dragon guarding its treasure, those delectable edibles.

After some time, the mother came down, took the cookies out, and let them cool as she fixed PB & J sandwiches for lunch. When the cookies had sufficiently solidified, they went straight into The Cookie Jar.

Now, wise mother had long known about the temptations of a cookie jar. When she was a little girl, she would eye the hapless porcelain puppy, like a vulture circles its prey.

“Joey!!” she called. Joey slid back onto the laminated floor. “Joey, I made some cookies. You can have as many as you want, but I’m not making any more for a month. If you only eat one a day, then you’ll have snacks to eat for a while.”

Of course, Joey did what all kids do. He ate them all before the second night. And for the next 28 days, he craved cookies like a crack addict. He begged his mom, and threw tantrums. But the mother remained strong, and simply said “No.”

It had been a while and he had all but forgotten the cookies, when his nose started to itch with a delicious odor. “Remember,” his mother said …


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