Yes! I finally did it. I worked out all the kinks so I can graduate a full year early. It was really difficult, because I’ll be taking six science classes alone. Hopefully those will fuel my blog writing in the following areas: Organic Chemistry, Ecology, Botany, Genetics, Bird Watching, and Neuroscience. I will be updating my blog all summer about my experiences with a zoo internship, so subscribe for awesome science stuff!

The real bugger in the system was finding one Religion core requirement to fit into the schedule. I was thinking I was going to have to drive out to PCC just to take my last religion class, but I figured out by maneuvering a few things around it all fit like a jigsaw. My girlfriend noticed that I could do my HUMANITIES 410 in the fall, at a time I hadn’t considered.

Now, at Warner Pacific College, every student dreads “The 410”. It’s a class where the only assignment is to write a 30-page paper exploring a single paradox. I’m not so worried about it. I actually enjoy writing, if you can’t tell. I want to become a science journalist. I think it’s a good fit. But everything seems to actually work. I can’t wait for my future career and family to get started.



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