I’m in the process of writing a short story that uses a SciFi genre to explore existential theology.

One day, a few billion years before the sun dies, the earth will be eaten by the sun.  The oceans have all evaporated. All life has died out. I imagine our planet covered with quantum computers, struggling endlessly to calculate a meaning worth surviving for. A stray robot who escapes being incinerated for parts and energy, stumbles upon the the fossilized skull of a human, with a functional AI still inside. The robot is etched with the soul of humanity, overcome by the forgotten history of his creators.

The robot sets out to share this newfound hope with the planet’s attention center. But no compromise is made. The robot is scheduled to be incinerated. As the robot is about to be fed into an insatiable fire, a human probe enters through a wormhole, picks up the hapless machine and transports it instantly into the Andromeda system.

Sounds good?


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  1. Chase Smith says:

    Sounds good. Be sure to keep me updated!

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