a core sampling drill

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen a conversation on the Russian ice drill. I’m super excited. If it works it will mean we have a viable search method for Europa and Icy planets. The concern was that a drill and drill chemicals would have adverse effects on the condition of the water below the ice’s surface. Europa is so close that it’s a cheap expedition in the search for life within our solar system.

The Russian drill team is drilling below Antarctica to a several million year old lake. They suck up the chemicals before they break through the last layer of ice. If all goes right, we may find life which has separately evolved for a few million years. That’s sick!


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  1. I just heard a really good interview with an American scientist who studies lakes under the Antarctic ice on The Story. Check it out: http://thestory.org/archive/the_story_021512_full_show.mp3/view

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